Each day, communities around the nation are faced with a growing battle to save our young men. The Boys 2 Men (B2M) mentorship program is designed for male youth, 12-18 years of age. The program fosters guidance and creates a safe place for participants to openly express themselves. B2M's curriculum is founded on godly principles and serves as a bridge to assist young boys during their transition to manhood.



Prophetess Wilma J. Butts has a heart for hurting women. She created Girls 2 Women (G2M) for all ages to have a place to grow from the inside out. The program consists of age groups from 16-35 and up. All participants give themselves a new name such as, "Miss Greatness," which inspires each member to see the the "BEST" parts of themselves. Identical to every FPC mentorship program, principles taught in G2M are strictly rooted in the word of God. G2M aid young and old women to discover their destiny and purpose for life. Every facet of the program foster keys for successful living applicable to every area of life.



In addition to pastoring FPC, Bishop Willie C. Butts is President and CEO of Excellent Graphics, an innovative graphic design company. He believes in the power of ownership, and its direct correlation to advancing the Kingdom of God. According to the bible "money answers all things" and "be fruitful and multiply". This means that it is important that Christians be "fruitful" in all areas of life including ownership. This program is designed to teach men and woman how to run successful businesses in the spirit of excellence.



JMM is founded on four core principles of commitment, responsibility, excellence and service. Bishop Butts creates an atmosphere for men's fellowship and develops the men both spiritually and personally. Each participant is assigned an area of service within the ministry to practice these principles. This program provides the tools for men to live successful Christian lives while developing character and integrity. 



Living single is an extremely crucial season for christian men and women. It is imperative to know who you are in Christ and the plan of God before marriage. This mentorship program highlights many topics including wholeness, cultivating healthy relationships and understanding the purpose of being single. After the completion of SET, singles will be equipped to fully master this season of life while preparing them for a God ordained mate.



The divorce rate among christian marriages is almost identical to religiously unaffiliated Americans leaving a margin of only 8% difference. With the hustle and bustle of everyday living, a crippling economy and rise of infidelity in the secular world, we must protect and nourish christian marriages. BOFMM provides practical teaching of God's word, reminding couples that marriage is a ministry. With over 30 years of marriage, Bishop and Prophetess specialize in coaching marriages for success.



"Everything rises and falls on leadership," notes John C. Maxwell. Bishop Butts has a passion for cultivating effective leaders, and works continuously to develop them. Participants are taught biblical principles while studying materials from remarkable leaders such as John C. Maxwell and many others. The curriculum is interactive and pushes students outside their comfort zone. 



ELITE stands for "Exercising Leadership, Integrity and a True Relationship With God Everyday of Life". Colossia Butts, a passionate and successful woman for Christ, teaches youth how to live christian "ELITE" lives. KEO provides youth with a place to freely express themselves while building a brother and sisterhood with other youth. This program teaches kingdom principles for successful living and utilizes unique methods to get youth excited about being their personal and spiritual "BEST"! In addition to a church venue, meetings are held in unique environments such as a beach, restaurant, park, home and etc. Youth also receive one-on-one guidance and tools to inspire them to reach their full potential in Christ.


Prophetess Wilma Butts has a passion and heart for women, young and old. Under WM, women learn how be true daughters of God, and the importance of carrying themselves as such. WM is dedicated to teaching women biblical principles for spiritual and practical success. Women come together, and establish relationships with other christian women through mentorship programs, fellowship-outings, and activities. For further information on mentorship programs available for women, please visit the "MENTORSHIP" button, located on our homepage section of the site.



Here at Faith & Power Church, we believe in creating a welcoming atmosphere for our family and friends. First Touch (FT) ministries are designed to welcome and meet the needs of our members and visitors, when attending any functions at FPC. First Touch is an umbrella for two ministries including: Security & Transportation (S&T), and FPC Ambassadors. Members of the S&T team will ensure that your visit to FPC, both arrival and departure, run smoothly and efficiently; all vehicles will be secured during services and events. FPC Ambassadors are the official hosts for FPC, whose purpose is to greet, serve, and promote FPC with compassion and integrity. The S&T and Ambassadors team, are the "first" faces of FPC to greet and interact with members and visitors.  

Ambassadors further represent Faith & Power Church by: 

  • Hosting services, events, visits and other dignitaries
  • Participating on other committees such as community outreach, promotions, community relations, and ambassador social events
  • Serving as ushers at services and other special functions
  • Conducting special visits and tours for FPC



HHM is comprised of dedicated volunteers committed to serving various programs, ministries, and events. HHM is not limited to one area of ministry, but offers assistance wherever there is a need within our organization.



This ministry is dedicated to assisting the household needs of the elderly. Here at FPC, we have a passionate group of individuals who venture out to clean homes, and shop for the elderly in need. We take pride in serving our community, and enjoy demonstrating the love God in unique ways.



Our outstanding MVP's are responsible for the production and editing of all services and special events; MVP's creativity produce all broadcast and promotional media, and news features for FPC.



Bishop Butts has a special gift to impact the lives of men, both young and old. Under FPC's MM, men learn how to be true men of God; men are taught to utilize the word of God as their sole foundation for spiritual and practical success. Men fellowship together, and establish relationships with other christian men through mentorship programs including: Boys 2 Men, and Joshua's Men Mentorship program's. For further information on B2M or JMM, please visit the "MENTORSHIP" button, located on our homepage section of this site



The men and women apart of this ministry stand on the frontline with our pastors; PPA's are trained and responsible for assisting our pastors during church service, or other affiliated events. PPA's have a strong personal relationship with God, and an extremely high level of trust from our leaders.


Faith and Power Church has a rich history in the performing arts; the "PA" department, newly named "Kingdom Ministry Entertainment," hosted it's first dance and skit production in 1995, and first gospel play in 1999. 15 years later, the ministries of drama and dance have become a staple in our organization, and trademark throughout South Florida. With over 7 gospel plays, drawing hundreds of audience members, KME is an entertainment portal for christian multi-media. FPC has launched an arena of christian entertainment such as: gospel music artists', comedians', writers', and dance choreographers just to name a few. KME will also be launching two online talk shows, a children's show, and a host of other online shows this coming Fall! KME uses christian-themed messaging to win souls for Christ. Please enjoy, to view some of our most life-changing pieces. 

If you love what you see on KME, please share this message with others. Our online-store, which is coming soon, will carry an awesome selection of productions from KME. 

If you are interesting in booking any of our talented cast members on, please use the contact section of our website to receive a swift response. Additionally, if you are looking for a skit, dance, or combination of both for your event; you may also contact us using the information provided on the site. 

We hope you are blessed and transformed from, where we perform with purpose! 

The Matthew Project

Here at Faith and Power Church a keycomponent of our ministry is the community. The Matthew Project (MP), derived from Matthew 25:35-36, is designed to aid members of the community seeking food, clothing, and shelter. The project serves as an umbrella for multiple community out reach initiatives, and events. We have experienced tremendous success under the MP with events including: our annual Community Day, free Christmas and Thanksgiving meals, and free clothing shop for anyone in need. In the book of Matthew, Jesus instructs us to provide provision for those in need, and the MP accomplishes this mission. 


Kingdom Shakers

"KINGDOM SHAKERS," is our dynamic youth ministry, shaking the earth for the Kingdom of God. This is "NOT YOUR MAMA'S YOUTH GROUP," but a place where youth, young and old, can come worship and receive the word of God on their level. This organization provides a safe and fun place, where the next generation can be heard. Participants learn the word of God, become involved in officiating services, and participate in numerous christian activities. KS operates with an out-of-the-box approach to win youth for Christ! In addition to spiritual guidance, KS offers educational, physical, and recreational resources; KS impacts the whole child: spirit, soul, and body. Every child involved in Kingdom Shakers will benefit in every arena of their life from this organization.




Bishop Willie C. Butts - Senior Pastor

Pastor Wilma J. Butts - Co-Pastor

Pastor Andria Hardwick - Senior Associate Pastor

Pastor Tyrone Alston - Associate Pastor

Stacey Flounory - Pastor-Elect

Andrea Hickman - Elder

Samantha West - Minister

Haywood Fulmore - Deacon-Elect

Jeff Flounory - Deacon-Elect