What is Salvation? Salvation is a free gift from God. It means to be made whole and includes deliverence, prosperity, healing and victory. 


What does it mean to be Born-Again? Being Born Again or Saved means to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life. According to 2 Corinthians 5:17, when you become born-again, you are saved and become a new creature in Christ. 


How do I become Born Again? You become born-again by believing and confessing Jesus Christ as head of your life. Romans 10:9 states, "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth that Lord Jesus is savior and shalt believe in thine heart that God has raised him from the dead thou shalt be saved". 


If you wish to be saved, please recite this prayer out loud while believing it in your heart:

Dear Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus. Your word says, he that comes to you, you would in no wise cast out, but take me in. I confess before you that I am a sinner and need Jesus Christ to come into my life. I am making the choice right now to turn away from my sin and put my trust in you. You also said that if I CONFESS with my mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall BELIEVE in my heart that God has raised HIM (Jesus) from the dead, I shall be SAVED. Therefore, according to Your Word I believe in my heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I believe that He (Jesus) was raised from the the dead for my justification, and I confess Him now as my Lord and Savior. I have now become the righteousness of God in Christ, and I thank you for saving me in Jesus name, AMEN.


CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE NOW SAVED! Welcome to the family of God. We want to help you take the next step. In order to grow spiritually andexperience abundance in every area of your life: spirit, soul and body, you must find a word teaching ministry to attend regularly. The Bible provides the answer to every problem or question you have about this earthly and eternal life. We want to assist you on this life-changing journey. Please use the contact section of our website to let us know that you've just received Christ! 

Scripture References: Romans 10:9, Romans 10:13, Romans 5:10-12, Corinthians 5:17, and Acts 4:12.